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The future looks bright as a young married couple, Michelle (Megan Ward) and Jack
(Victor Browne), with a child on the way, move into a Victorian home in the hills. While investigating the attic Michelle discovers a "spirit board" which has the power to unleash supernatural forces. Jack gets a bad feeling about it and warns Michelle not to touch it. But she gives in to temptation and soon all hell breaks loose. They discover the evil that has lived in the house for nearly a century when a previous occupant opened a dark portal to the disturbing world of spirits.

An old friend, detective Howe, (Lou Diamond Phillips) steps in to try and help the couple as the wife's life and soul hang in the balance. The suspense builds as Michelle struggles to choose between the temptations of the devil and her conscience.

The film is partly based on a real incident and the fixation Americans developed with spirit boards in the 1920's . Sleepy little EI Cerrito, California jumped into national focus on March7,1920 with the headline "WHOLE TOWN' OUIJAMAD"'. Police arrested seven people 'driven insane' after using a spirit board. Officials quickly convened a town hall meeting, voting to bring in mental health professionals to examine their entire population of 1200.

To prevent future 'ouija mania' outbreaks, they soon banned spirit boards from the city-limits. Spirit boards including "Ouija" boards were extremely popular from 1900 through the 1950's. According to the website Damned, "at one time virtually every home in America had such a board". Their popularity inspired Norman Rockwell to paint an Ouija cover for the May1, 1920 edition of the Saturday Evening Post. By the 1920's their popularity was so great that many large newspapers ran articles and regular columns dealing with the phenomena of spirit boards.